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Mon, 05 Feb 2007:

Finally got around to getting a debug build of libgphoto2. After a couple of hours of debugging, the problem turned to be one of design rather a real bug. I had to try a fair bit to trace the original error down to the data structure code. This is code from gphoto2-list.h.

#define MAX_ENTRIES 1024

struct _CameraList {
	int  count;
	struct {
		char name  [128];
		char value [128];
	} entry [MAX_ENTRIES];
	int ref_count;

And in the function gp_list_append(), there is no code which can handle possible spills. As it turns out, I had too many photos on my SD card - in one directory. The assumption that a directory contains only 1024 photos was proven to be untrue - for my SD450.

Breakpoint 3, file_list_func (fs=0x522a60, 
    folder=0x5a3660 "/store_00010001/DCIM/190CANON", list=0x2b11e6c38010, 
    data=0x521770, context=0x523d90) at library.c:3933

(gdb) p params->deviceinfo->Model
$2 = "Canon PowerShot SD450"
(gdb) p params->handles
$3 = {n = 1160, Handler = 0x528c90}

So, the code was exiting with a memory error because it ran out of 1024 slots in the folder listing code. When I explained my problems on the #gphoto channel, _Marcus_ immediately told me that I could probably rebuild my gphoto2 after changing MAX_ENTRIES to 2048 - I had already tried and failed with that. As it turns out there are two places which have MAX_ENTRIES defined and even otherwise, the libraries which use gphoto2 have various places which allocate CameraList on the stack with a struct CameraList list;, which introduces a large number of binary compatibility issues with this. But after I rebuilt libgphoto2 and gphoto2, I was able to successfully download all my photos onto my disk using the command line client, though in the process I completed b0rked gthumb.

And you've definitely gotta love the gphoto2 devs - look at this check-in about 15 minutes after my bug report.

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