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Wed, 04 Apr 2007:

I don't have flash on my machines. More than a mere security and convenience measure, it is one of those things enforced by Adobe themselves - by refusing to ship an EM64T/AMD64 build of its mozilla plugins. So when the flickr organizr went Javascript I was happy. But they took away a bit of code which made it really easy to rotate images - because you couldn't do it in Javascript.

But you can. I don't mean with some memory hogging clientside bit twiddling but with the now popular HTML 5 Canvas. So, with a few lines of Greasemonkey code, which you can pull from here, I can now push in image rotate previews back into flickr's organizr. The code has to be run outside greasemonkey land to get full access to the dom data, which I accomplish with the following script insertion.

var _s = document.createElement("script");
_s.appendChild(document.createTextNode(window.myFun.toSource() + "();"));

And just in case you happen to be an IE user, you might want to see if EXCanvas can make my canvas code work decently there.

enhance, v.:
   To tamper with an image, usually to its detriment

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Tue, 26 Sep 2006:

I was feeling really bored, so I wrote this greasemonkey script - nocomments.user.js.

Should be enough, I suppose.

This game lends itself to certain abuses.
             --- Calvin

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Wed, 08 Feb 2006:

Today, I decided to license a bunch of my New Zealand pictures to creative commons. The reason I had postponed it for so long was because the flickr UI needs to traverse two pages to actually mark a photo with a license. Since this sucked totally, I sat down and wrote a small greasemonkey hack to set the licenses as well from the batch edit page. This meant that I just had a single click to edit a pic which was pretty OK. You can get the script from here. Greasemonkey is indeed a powerful tool in the hands of people who really want something done - except that they don't have access to deployed web code.

These are the photos I have licensed as creative commons. It might be a good idea to turn on javascript (or hit the original) for full effect.

flickr pics
Southport near Brisbane Sea currents Random shadow effects A Sea Fog As we come around to town Sunset in Dunedin Harbour with a setting sun Exiting farmlands around the beach Beach head Going up another hillock Beach meets bushes Windward side Wind swept mountain tops Sheeeep The pacific inlets Bay from above Shore road Towards the pacific dropoff The crater Across the harbour Sun shows up A Dupatta on the mountains The Runway to Heaven Farmland in contrast A Glacier was Here Wellington Too many sheep in NZ Flying into the Sunrise
Your picture of the world often changes just before you get it into focus.

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Fri, 20 Jan 2006:

Livejournal has done something irritating, all the friend links in livejournal has suddenly become cross-domain. This means that all the stuff I've hacked together to make my LJ more interesting now no longer works because it uses regular XmlHttpRequests. I cannot follow posted-by links without going cross-domain.

Anyway, I think they just did that because blogspot does that. The earlier faq used to be only for paid uses, but looks like there's a t3rmin4t0r.livejournal.com.

Just don't have the energy to sit down and rewrite all those to use GM_XmlHttpRequest... What about your scripts ?

Girls are like domain names, the ones I like are already are taken.
Well, you can still get one from a strange country !

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