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Thu, 30 Mar 2006:

You see all these links around with ymsgr: in them. Well, I was tired of cut pasting those and then removing all the url and SendIM crap. gaim-remote supports AIM urls out of the box, mostly. I wondered how hard Yahoo! would be - it turned out to be a peice of cake.

You can find my patch - remote.c.patch. It is basically something any idiot could've written. Here's most of the code :-

/* ymsgr:SendIM? */
else if (!g_ascii_strncasecmp(uri, "ymsgr:SendIM?", strlen("ymsgr:SendIM?"))) {
    char *who;
    char *msg;
    GaimConversation *c;
    uri = uri + strlen("ymsgr:SendIM?");
    who = g_strdup(uri);
    /* we don't want to implement messages, dude */
    if((msg = strchr(who, '&')) != NULL) {
        *msg = '\0';
    c = gaim_conversation_new(GAIM_CONV_IM, gc->account, who);

Was that simple or what ? Sadly the gaim-remote plugin is no longer in cvs. So there's no point in submitting a patch upstream.

firefox/thunderbird support: . First you need to add two entries to your about:config. The first is a string entry network.protocol-handler.app.ymsgr and it contains /usr/local/bin/ymsgr-launch and the other one is a boolean entry named network.protocol-handler.expose.ymsgr with true. The ymsgr-launch is basically an executable shell script with the following.


gaim-remote uri $1

At this point, both the ymsgr:SendIM and ymsgr:AddFriend work nicely. Click, click and click.

I waited and waited and when no message came I knew it must be from you.

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