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Fri, 27 Jul 2007:

For those who've not been keeping track of what I've been upto, I did manage to make it to OSCON. A couple of days too late, but in time to get there, revamp my slides (after I sat through a couple of php sessions) and give a kickass talk. The last minute jet-lagged efforts to tailor the slides to the crowd was very much worth the effort.

But the fun part of the talk was about four minutes into the talk when Amarok decided to splash up an OSD message which said in loud bold letters - I Wanna Have Your Babies. Panic ... brain skips a beat. Well, there was nothing to do but close Amarok and really make people forget they ever saw it. I think I succeeded in that task - nobody's reminded me about that yet, but enough people have said that it was entertaining. And that's a new experience for me :)

In conclusion, I came, I saw ... I talked.

PS: slides and bazookatooth on IRC reminded me that Amarok said "Girlfriend/Avril Lavigne".

Confidence is simply that quiet, assured feeling you have before you fall flat on your face.
                -- Dr. L. Binder

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