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Tue, 16 Dec 2008:

Finally, after nearly a year of work, it's into a release. Some new stuff has sneaked into it undocumented, that people might find interesting - apc.preload_path would be one of them. The backend memory allocation has been re-done - the api part by me and the internals by shire. There's a hell of a lot of new code in there, both rewritten and added. Tons of php4 cruft removed, php5 stuff optimized, made more stable, then less stable, made faster, then applied brakes. Made leak-proof, quake-proof and in general, idiot-proof. So, on & so forth.

 apc/ $ cvs diff -u -N -r HEAD -r RELEASE_3_0_19 | diffstat /dev/stdin 
 68 files changed, 3255 insertions(+), 5545 deletions(-)

Sorry about the b0rked 3.1.1 release, so please test this one! :)

Each new user of a new system uncovers a new class of bugs.
                -- Kernighan

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Tue, 02 Dec 2008:

A ship set sail on a new sea, with a destination unknown. Carrying on it, a cargo dear to me. Across the river and into a world that might not be. Gone away, never to come back. To find his peace with that world, having given it up on this.

And I was left on this shore. Left behind. Left alone, waving goodbye. Left waving goodbye ...

Do not seek death; Death will find you.
But seek the path which makes death a fulfilment.

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