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Thu, 30 Mar 2006:

You see all these links around with ymsgr: in them. Well, I was tired of cut pasting those and then removing all the url and SendIM crap. gaim-remote supports AIM urls out of the box, mostly. I wondered how hard Yahoo! would be - it turned out to be a peice of cake.

You can find my patch - remote.c.patch. It is basically something any idiot could've written. Here's most of the code :-

/* ymsgr:SendIM? */
else if (!g_ascii_strncasecmp(uri, "ymsgr:SendIM?", strlen("ymsgr:SendIM?"))) {
    char *who;
    char *msg;
    GaimConversation *c;
    uri = uri + strlen("ymsgr:SendIM?");
    who = g_strdup(uri);
    /* we don't want to implement messages, dude */
    if((msg = strchr(who, '&')) != NULL) {
        *msg = '\0';
    c = gaim_conversation_new(GAIM_CONV_IM, gc->account, who);

Was that simple or what ? Sadly the gaim-remote plugin is no longer in cvs. So there's no point in submitting a patch upstream.

firefox/thunderbird support: . First you need to add two entries to your about:config. The first is a string entry network.protocol-handler.app.ymsgr and it contains /usr/local/bin/ymsgr-launch and the other one is a boolean entry named network.protocol-handler.expose.ymsgr with true. The ymsgr-launch is basically an executable shell script with the following.


gaim-remote uri $1

At this point, both the ymsgr:SendIM and ymsgr:AddFriend work nicely. Click, click and click.

I waited and waited and when no message came I knew it must be from you.

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I've come to love php. No, not really - but some of their fan generated advertisements literally kill me. To quote Rasmus about what's happening out there :-

Being an open source project, we don't have an HR nor a marketing
department to bug us about political correctness. Nobody can get 
fired. Anybody can do whatever they want.

There are many such pics that are floating around the web with PHP splashed all over. There are a lot of other projects like firefox which have outrageous posters. Amidst all that, here's one that quite caught my attention - feel free to guess why.

Projects aren't really about code, they are about communities. Technical issues get solved in commercial companies as well, but FOSS communities take the rest of the being together, building together thing to the next level. Basically, writing code isn't the only way to have fun.

Do what's fun.

If God had meant for us to be naked, we would have been born that way.

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