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Mon, 16 Oct 2006:

The first shortlist of talks for FOSS.in/2006 is out. Let me be the first to say that there are a couple of surprises there. First and very surprising one would be a talk by none other than spo0nman himself. Second was botsie talking about Gentoo - not about XFCE. Yet another, sort of surprise, with bluesmoon about libyahoo2 - I suppose he can indeed talk about it, though not commit stuff ?

And then, a few names were obvious by their absence. I don't see a talk by KingDiamond or BigBeard - And kryptic too is missing, which was probably not as much of a surprise (*click* *click*).

The talks list seems a bit biased towards the kernel/library/OS land and a little left of the eyecandy section, but I'm sure that is probably not a real problem. Just make sure one of the computers around is running Beryl with the keyboard on a recorded cycle with xsendkey.

I like the word "indolence", makes my laziness seem classy.
            -- Bern Williams

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