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Thu, 12 Jan 2006:

It all started with sabiokap, a coffe mug and a matchbox. But it started going over the top once everyone realized that it was in fact possible to enjoy doing the silliest things around. And thus the Saga of Matchpot starts. The game has literally taken over due to the absolute silliness and of course the skill required to actually play the game.

For those who think we are crazy, here is one masterly stroke. If you can't take pleasure in such simple achievements of mankind, pity the future of such a race that includes a hard head such as you. Cherish your curiousity and innocence lest you end up with no romance or soul.

huge image

It was created from a MJPEG capture from my camera, which was split into multiple frames using avidemux2 and recombined into one XCF using a gimp script - frame2anim.py. The active portion of code looks as below.

  filename = (basedir + "/" + format) % i
  frame_img = pdb.gimp_file_load(filename, filename) 
  drawable = pdb.gimp_image_get_active_drawable(frame_img)
  layer = pdb.gimp_layer_new_from_drawable(drawable, newimg)
  pdb.gimp_image_add_layer(newimg, layer, -1)

After it became a gimp XCF file, it was easy to trim out the surroundings and remove intermediate frames to reduce the size of the image from 4.1 MB to 600kb.

Ego sum ens omnipotens.

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