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Mon, 05 Sep 2005:
Take a basic premise. Follow down the straight and narrow path it leads. Reach a dead end and prove that the guy who thought of the premise was just plain wrong. If you ever thought that this was for just your high school math class, you thought wrong. Reduction Ad Absurdum works very well with rational people with strong opinions. Literally twisting their opinions to make them defend a logically irrational position is almost too easy often. Consider the following short skit.

The story is a true one. And by true I mean, I watched it on TV. And By TV I mean, that it was a cartoon show that was rated MA due to explicit content - South Park episode Christian Rock Hard from Season 7.

Stan, Kyle and Kenny are trying to get their parents to give them 300 $ to buy CDs for inspiration. Kenny says that they can download songs off the internet for free. Before they can even finish downloading the music, FBI come through the window and arrest them. They are shown how horrible their acts of piracy are.

* they are standing in front of a huge white mansion, near a heated 
swimming pool where a guy's sitting with his head in between his hands...

FBI: You see that ?.. That is metallica's drummer's house
Kyle: what's wrong with him
FBI: He wanted a gold plated floating mini bar, but he can't have it for 
     a few more months because of kids like you downloading music off the 

FBI: That is Britney Spear's private jet. That's a GulfStream 3, she wanted 
     a GulfStream 4. This one doesn't even have a remote for the 3-D 
     surround DVD player entertainment center.

FBI: Here we see Mister P playing with his little kid. Next week's that 
     kid's birthday, all he has ever wanted is an island paradise in french 
Kyle: He'll get it , won't he ?
FBI: No... he won't get it till christmas
Kids: NOO.. we didn't really know 
FBI: That is the folly of man. These stars are forever fated to live a life 
     of only semi-luxury, due to kids like you downloading music off the 

Anyway the guys (their band Moop) end up striking, refusing to play till the downloading stops. Various artists like Metallica and Courtney Love join Moop - in the meantime Cartman's rival band (carefully designed to dupe the Christian pious public with Rock songs with lots of 'jesus' in it) sell a million records. Stan realizes that he is missing the point about the strike and calls it off saying.

Stan: don't you guys see .. we've forgotten what we did all this for - 
      The Music. Moop is not about just money anymore, we're about music. 
      Who's with me ?.
Artists: naah.. we're just about the money.

Satire works better than the naked truth. It points out what isn't said. But it is sad that those who pick it up, already know what you were talking about. It's a sort of we know too acknowledgement, not communication in true form. But you can't say it isn't funny :)

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