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Mon, 10 Jul 2006:

There are times when all things come together. Yesterday was one of those days, when we all piled onto spo0nman's balcony to watch the football on a big screen. After pulling together sabiokap's TV, a cable connection and a projector on rent, we had our own party at midnight.

Despite premshree preparing various cocktails (ok, it had coffee, kiwi fruit, watermelons, vodka, rum, wine and beer in it), we all managed to have a lot of fun. We watched the match, into extra time and till Cannavaro lifted up the cup. The absolute shocker was of course Zi Zou's head butt, but apparently Materrazi should've seen it coming. What ever goes around, comes around.

But lots of fun and sugar (*giggle*).

There are no winners, only survivors.

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