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Thu, 29 Sep 2005:

On #dotgnu, radekp mentioned that he had got Xacc to work partly on Portable.net's Windows.Forms. We had had a lot of trouble with the caret drawing code in sharpdevelop when we tried porting it. But Xacc code is much well written. In fact leppie who wrote Xacc is the same leppie who has had commit access on pnet for a year now and despite his promises that I'll huff, I'll puff, we haven't even had a moderate breeze out of that chap. Anyway, radekp has got the stuff working on pnet and posted a build, screenshots and bugs to fix. Even the code analysis and browsing works along with the syntax highlighter - as you can see the Add method being highlighted below.

Xacc running on Portable.net

Radek has been asking about Double Buffering implementation details. The current DoubleBuffer.cs is built on top of X11 Double Buffering Extensions. The implementation is fairly solid, but the code runs through an XClearArea in the repaint code path. I am trying to find out what exactly tum had pushed up for review a few months back to fix that issue.

<tum> rhysw: do you want to look at my xsharp flickerfree patches?
<tum> i'm wondering if they should be checked into cvs.  
      the xsharp changes are "non breaking" - i.e. unless you set a 
      certain property, xsharp functions as before
<rhysw> what exactly does "flickerfree" do?
<tum> avoids calling XClearArea which causes the xserver to draw the 
      background color -- which is what causes the flickering because 
      it bypasses the double buffer

I'll have to sit through and fix this bug all over again when I have time. Sad, isn't it ?.

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