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Wed, 04 Feb 2009:
As I leaned on the wall of the bathroom, huddled down to reach the
payphone to my ear, all I was waiting for was the voice at the other
end to smile and say Hello.

As much as I wish I could talk to it, just listening didn't seem to
help. People walking by constrained me, timezone you were in restrained
me and thus the payphone betrayed me. Couldn't shout what I wanted,
couldn't hear what I needed - not even hear a goodbye right, nor
say those thoughts which burst into my mind.

Perhaps it's the hope that brings the pain, that to talk to you would
fix my day - but to have it denied again & again. You are busy, I'm
eating lunch, reasons many and then a bunch.

Can't blame the system, can't blame the phone. It's just that you
& I can't find the time. Miss each other, but miss the time.

I guess sometimes what you really run out of is time. It's a long way round to the start and I guess it'll just take time, what I have & what I don't.

Perhaps the magic would last. Perhaps it wouldn't. But then, if it doesn't, what does?

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