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Sun, 12 Mar 2006:

So there, I go from nobody to being lead developer of APC - it's official, there's no escape. As the commit message clearly says - the folks I have tricked into helping out. By the way, APC 3.0.10 was just released a few hours ago. Imagine two releases in the space of barely 7 days - 3.0.9 was on 4th.

Anyway, I tried to commit something today morning. Basically, it is a fix to the default arg array problems that I've run into twice. Still don't have a reliable test case, but a long drawn chase with gdb showed what was actually the segv'ing data structure. The zval in the constant array was being pulled around and modified in the php engine land. Somewhere the multiple modifications of the shared memory with no locks was ending up in an inconsistent state and the whole shebang goes for a toss. Fix was to just chuck the dangerous bits into the local memory and just let the engine do what it wants.

**** Access denied: insufficient karma (gopalv|pecl/apc)
cvs commit: Pre-commit check failed

Anyway, that was quickly resolved on irc and I got some karma (whatever that really means) and I was able to push in a huge merged patch (+832, -316) from HEAD into INH_FIX branch of apc. Thus, my first commit rolls into CVS - #5423. And hopefully that should break a few things here and there - can't make an omlette without breaking eggs.

"But the important thing is persistence."
       -- Calvin trying to juggle eggs

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