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Fri, 09 Jun 2006:

After much trials and tribulations, Wikipedia is finally using APC. They've been playing around with Turk MMcache and other accelerators for a while. But currently APC is the only one with the ball as far as caching is concerned. Recently, somebody did a benchmark on the common accelerators used in php land - read it here. But at that point APC just wins hands down, though my commit last night probably must've pushed APC below eAccelerator, it is required to run properly on a multi-CPU apache on high loads.

hw.php deserialize.php include-pma.php
eAccelerator 1093 160 86
apc 1100 163 83
PHP alone 886 157 28

Now, the next heavy user of PHP around is sourceforge.net who is apparently still using eAccelerator. Apc still has a few chinks in its armour, but it is still *my* work. And much more importantly it, for once, doesn't appear doomed :)

Real programs don't eat cache.

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