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Fri, 28 Apr 2006:

I've been playing around with Inkscape for nearly ten months and recently sat down to draw the posters for the Yahoo! Bangalore Hack Day. Swaroop has put up photographs of the posters I've drawn. I'm a bit proud of them, mainly because I really can't draw to save my life. So here's the result of about 3 nights of tweaking SVG - with teemus providing real time feedback and spo0nman providing a set of ideas scribbled using gimp.

I'll never be a graphic artist - but at least I can fake it ;)

Any fool can paint a picture, but it takes a wise person to be able to sell it.

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Just found out that 41 is also an interesting number. It is a seed for two prime series. The first one is the odd prime series of the form :- x2 - x + 41 is a prime for all values of x from 1 to 40. The other one is more interesting and of the same length - x2 + x + 41 for all values from 0 to 39.

Give up the pedestal, 42.

There are 42 rules in cricket. But is that a coincidence ?

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Time is nearing 1 AM and there's a cool breeze blowing across. It's actually quite pleasant to sit there and we're discussing all of life's problems. Mostly with sabiokap and really about the difference of really crossing 25. According to him, that's when you really get to loosen up and relax in life - but I don't believe it. Then, the stage is set for the ultimate joke.

<me> Man, you're in denial.
<sabiokap> No, I'm not !

I've never laughed like that in my life. Mister Douglas Adams could have hardly set up a more perfect paradox in context. Please feel free to wrap your brain around it and tell me, could he have answered any other way ?

If life is merely a joke, the question still remains: for whose amusement?

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