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Wed, 14 Feb 2007:

*DRUMROLL* I'm proud to announce the first commercial product to use dotgnu Portable.NET in a big way. Trumpf.de have brought out a pulse laser cutting tool which uses dotgnu. The embedded control device runs linux and uses dotgnu to power its control UI, running a Windows.Forms application on the touch screen. Here's how the embedded appliance looks like - isn't it purty ?

It is one of those days that you live for - when you can stand back and marvel at what has become of bits you twiddled. And congratulations to klausT, avd and radekp for supporting Trumpf. Of course, much heartier thanks to Trumpf for believing in our code, being a good customer and investing a good ten thousand dollars or more into the project, even more when you consider the number of patches from them directly. That kind of customer focus has essentially revived pnet from the ashes of its past into a new good groove of embedded goodness.

If want, you can take a look at the official brochure, but which doesn't mention anything about linux or dotgnu, sadly. There's more related stuff upcoming - I'm trying to get ARM support resurrected with the help of Pengutronix folks.

A solid year's worth of work has gone into pnet thanks to this and the next stable release is only four days away. This is the first release to include libjit support - adding a full x86 JIT to the engine core. The twin team of Klaus and Alesky have reworked the engine so much that I've been having trouble jumping back into the project without asking too many stupid questions. So, look out world, here comes 0.8.0.

Been a good five years - looking back.

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