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Fri, 02 Feb 2007:

Unlike my trip to LCA last year, which was blessed with some awesome photos, this year I've not put up too many photos yet. But this is not due to the lack of photos taken. I place the entire blame on one little library called libgphoto2 which is refusing to read my photos off my camera.

[gopalv@sirius photodump]$ gphoto2 -L

There are no files in folder '/'.                                              
There are no files in folder '/store_00010001'.
There are no files in folder '/store_00010001/DCIM'.
There are 99 files in folder '/store_00010001/DCIM/189CANON':

#1     IMG_9445.JPG  1982 KB 2592x1944 image/jpeg
#98    IMG_9981.JPG  1704 KB 2592x1944 image/jpeg
#99    IMG_9982.JPG  1705 KB 2592x1944 image/jpeg
*** Error (-3: 'Out of memory') ***       

For debugging messages, please use the --debug option.

From a quick glance, I think my photo collection has hit a unique boundary condition. The photo counter on my camera (which has been heavily used) has touched 10,000 and rolled back to img_0000.jpg into another folder, which is confusing gphoto2 totally.

Philosophy vs Pragmatism: I remember one of those common room conversations about laptops. There was a distinct proliferation of Macs in the room and this particular dilemma tradeoff was thrown into discussion. I think it was Arjen who commented that running Linux shouldn't be an apology for poor performance of hardware - while we were on the topic of OpenWRT and how the conference APs weren't auto-switching off congested RF channels.

I'm at the doorsteps of such a dilemma. One of my friends commented that, if something doesn't work, just drop it and use whatever works. But as a conscentious developer, I'm conflicted between fixing gphoto2 and plugging my camera into someone's Mac (windows ? what do you mean windows ?). I'm pretty sure that one of these weekends I'll pull gphoto2 off SVN and build myself a debug version. But I'm not likely to do that if I actually plug my camera into somebody's Mac and pull my photos out.

But I did manage to upload a few photos, grabbed off the other SD card. Here're the only ones I've managed to upload, so far.

Hmm... this may take a while.

The makers may make
and the users may use,
but the fixers must fix
with but minimal clues.

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