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Mon, 16 Oct 2006:

I've been playing around with some stuff over the weekend, which eventhough runs in a browser, needs continous updates of data while maintaining state. So I tried to a socket-hungry version of server push which has been called COMET. Now, this technique has come into my notice because of a hack which bluesmoon did, except I had to reinvent for python what CGI.pm did for bluesmoon by default.

But first, I mixed over a couple of the client side bits. Instead of relying on XHR requests, which are all bound & gagged by the security model, I switched to a simpler cross-domain IFRAME. But what's really cool here is that I use a single request to push all my data through, in stages, maintaining state. So here's a bit of code, with technical monstrosity hidden away.


import sys,time

from comet import MixedReplaceResponse

content = "<html><body><h1>Entry %d</h1></body></html>";

req = new MixedReplaceResponse()

for i in range(0,10):
	req.write(content % i)


The MixedReplaceResponse is a small python class which you can download - comet.py. But the true beauty of this comes into picture only when you put some scripting code in what you send. For example here's a snippet from my iframe cgi code.

wrapper = """
   <html><body> <script>  if(window.parent) {
	} </script></body></html>

script = ("window.parent.updateView(%s);" % json.write(data))

req.write(wrapper % script)

As you can clearly see, this is only a minor modification of the json requests which I'd been playing with. But underneath the hood, on the server side, this is a totally different beast, totally socket hungry and does not scale in the apache cgi model. Interesting experiment nonetheless.

Now, if only I could actually host a cgi somewhere ...

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The first shortlist of talks for FOSS.in/2006 is out. Let me be the first to say that there are a couple of surprises there. First and very surprising one would be a talk by none other than spo0nman himself. Second was botsie talking about Gentoo - not about XFCE. Yet another, sort of surprise, with bluesmoon about libyahoo2 - I suppose he can indeed talk about it, though not commit stuff ?

And then, a few names were obvious by their absence. I don't see a talk by KingDiamond or BigBeard - And kryptic too is missing, which was probably not as much of a surprise (*click* *click*).

The talks list seems a bit biased towards the kernel/library/OS land and a little left of the eyecandy section, but I'm sure that is probably not a real problem. Just make sure one of the computers around is running Beryl with the keyboard on a recorded cycle with xsendkey.

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