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Wed, 30 Jul 2008:

I thought I'd done this once already. I guess I have no recourse other than to follow the crowds wherever they go - follow the herd and keep up.

So, twitter gets a new t3rmin4t0r. And the countdown into obsolescence begins anew.

It would be illogical to assume that all conditions remain stable.
                -- Spock

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Sun, 02 Sep 2007:

It's finally happening. My friends are slowly drifting away in different directions. There aren't going to be any more sessions of midnight pool, no more late night balcony conversations, no more weekend hack sessions - 'change' happens, but I can live with that. But to actually lose such friends in the milling crowd is a sad thought.

These people seem to have fallen off the planet. They've stopped blogging, have unsubscribed off many of the mailing lists and even their flickr streams are devoid of actual life, tending towards art & technique.

And reluctantly, I turned to facebook to 'bookmark' them. Despite using an online social networking site, I'm trying to keep in touch with people whom I used to meet every day.

Ironic, but completely Web 2.0.

Friendship needs a certain parallelism of life, a community of thought, a rivalry of aim.
                -- Henry Brook Adams

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