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Fri, 12 Jan 2007:

As I headed back from the dentist in an auto, I was surprised to feel that my purse (in my backpocket) was vibrating. Totally puzzled, I took out my purse and just couldn't explain why an auto should vibrate. Somewhere nearer to Brigade Road, I realized that the Hello Moto which kept repeating was actually from a couple of cellphones lying between the seats.

When I flipped open the phone, there were 31 missed calls from someone. I was still not able to speak clearly and eventually picked up the phone after reaching office. First line off the phone - can you come to Forum ?. Then, apparently the girl realized that she should probably try to get the phone without inconvenincing me.

To cut a long story short, She came to my office. I gave her the phone and asked her to buy me coffee for all my trouble - after all, the two phones together were well worth over 40k.

Good deed for the day - done and Done !

I hope you're not pretending to be evil while secretly being good.
That would be dishonest.

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