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Mon, 29 Sep 2008:

But that's actually okay, because I will not satisfy a woman, either". And that's how Sex Drugs & Cocoa Puffs kicks into action, to embark upon a Low Culture manifesto, exploring the deeply superficial phenomenon that modern culture has turned into. Exactly the kind of trash literature you can only find in the otherwise bare shelves of an airport bookshop. And I guess it was that phrase that made me pick it up from LAX.

There are two ways of look at this book. Actually there are thousands of ways, but the preface said there were only two that me & the author might have in common. The first and of course, the less popular view is that everything's a product of chaos and inherently independent of everything else. On the other hand, everything pretty much stays the same and everything's bound in a chain of causality in an inherently holistic big-picture. And yes, reading each essay of the book somehow emphasizes both the views in some strange paradoxical sense. Completely random thoughs & events, but from a single man's perspective.

There's no semblance of order or even pretence of continuity about this book. But there is a certain domino effect to the essays as they dove-tail into a impressionist masterpeice, but one which exists merely to demonstrate the ever broadening palette of culture.

Porn: Nothing's more representative of the dark side of modern humanity than porn. He's done to porn what Andy Warhol did to a humble soup can. He has framed the entire trend of internet porn, which has acquired a certain Marxism to it, into - "when you don't have to be Lenny Kravitz to know how Lisa Bonet looks like in a shower. You don't even need hemp pants.". And the comfortable knowledge that your wife and Gwent Stefani have more in common than you would admit in the first place. Essentially stealing back the power we lent to celebrities, their privacy (or lack there of) & their exclusivity, as a sort of a price to be paid for fame.

There's more to it than just that. More on that later. My thoughts, which are inextricably weaved into his ideas, probably deserve blog posts of their own.

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