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Mon, 03 Sep 2007:

Now that I think, it was all like a dream - not a particularly good one, but the one you wake up & forget all about, on a monday morning. Roaming around San Francisco, Monterey and Palo Alto in Premshree's Pontiac, with Sachin snoring in the back seat, despite Chris Cornell's shrieks from the CD player. It takes an occasional look back at my photos to remind myself that no dream it was. I'll let the photographs do the talking.

I See Red Golden Gate Bridge Red Muscle
Golden .... Parking Lot with a View I Am Not Alone
Alone. Do you feel Zen ? SF - Green light
Man & Machine San Francisco Cityhouse Gray Pelicans

And in a fleeting glimpse, I saw the clouds blow a heart to the city.

I ♥

And then came the climb down and then I saw the city. And the blue, blue sea.

Fort Pt.

Sat down on the green green grass and let the world pass me by. And pass by it did.

World. pass me by ... Three Stripes ! Girl on a Trike
Beachcombing ... Green, Gold and Blue

Walked along the beach, spent perhaps the most peaceful hour of my visit watching the aerial acrobatics of the kite surfers - jumping twenty feet up and sliding along the water, masters of the wind and water.

Wind beneath my Wings ! Wicked Slide !

And then next week, spent hours staring at the Jellyfish tanks at Monterey.

Jellyfish ! Mushroom Cloud Lion's Mane Jellyfish

And that's all there is.

The trouble with telling a good story is that it invariably reminds the listener of a dull one.
                -- Sid Caesar

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