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Sun, 13 May 2007:

I wouldn't have paid to watch this movie. Instead of the dark, deep conflict between power and losing control, the movie is peppered with a self-obsessed Peter Parker and a depressed MJ. Neither of which are wrong or bad, but the emotional drama is also not used to any effect.

No Villains: Topher Grace is the only saving grace in the whole movie. His transformation into Venom gives a decent bad guy. The sandman puts me to sleep and Harry flips-flops in & out of villainhood. The small tugs & pulls of conflict in the former was brought out in the wrong light - less of dark desperation than I'd imagine.

The scenes looked peiced together from clips inspired from movies. The comedy just didn't fit in and neither did the cool Peter Parker doing a Saturday Night Fever sequence down the boulevard. And the tower spire with the dark spiderman on top looked nearly identical to the scenes from Underworld, including the jump off the top. It attempts to do a fair bit of moralizing, but the message falls far short of the original With great power comes great responsibility, even after they got Stan Lee to say it ("I guess one *Superhero* can make a difference.", 'nuff said). But there is one quote off the movie which I'm still going to take to heart.

Aunt May: You start by doing the hardest thing: you forgive yourself.

All in all, I think I forgive myself for wasting those hours of my life.

Children begin by loving their parents.
After a time they judge them.
Rarely, if ever, do they forgive them.
                -- Oscar Wilde

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