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Sat, 15 Dec 2007:

Futurama, it just won't stay dead.

If you're a Futurama fan, you *have* to watch Bender's Big Score. It's a movie made for the hardcore fan, unlike the Simpsons Movie or other carry-overs from tv into the big screen. Read on for the spoilers.

Since Futurama is going to be running on Comedy Central from now on, they've spent the first four minutes of the movie dissing Fox (oops, I mean the BOX Network). The FOX BOX executives have been fired, beaten up, killed and made into a fine pink powder (TORGO'S Executive Powder), which appears anywhere where any ingredient is required (*bam*).

The movie does a nice take on the information centric world of ours, with the main villains being the spammers/scammers who manage to take over the world with a nice parody of nigerian 419 spam, popup malware and just plain old lottery scams. Of course, from that point onwards the movie has no real plot at all.

Honestly, the movie is just an attempt to make a happier past for Jurassic Bark. Considering how Nibbler blows his cover, Robot Santa turns good, Bender apologizes to all and the Professor never invents anything - the plot is not following canon for any character (except perhaps Zoidberg).

But the role of Fry fills up into someone who'd sacrifice his own happiness to let Leela be happy. Not typical either, but that's a very touching transformation for someone who's been portrayed as immature for all the episodes.

And not even a can of Slurm to be seen.

But I loved it, nonetheless.

Fry: Why would a robot need to drink?
Bender: I don't need to drink, I can quit anytime I want.
          -- Futurama, "Space Pilot 3000"

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A sad day it is for all Terry Pratchett fans (like yours truly).

The master of discworld has gone a bit Bursar - more accurately, he's just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. As someone who's enjoyed his books immensely, I'm glad he wrote them down as he did, in such profuse quantities.

I just finished reading Wintersmith a few weeks ago - didn't like it enough to write a review about it though. But on reading this news, the only thought was to boycott the series if some greedy publisher tries to push it forward with a ghost writer. Considering what happened to Pern (Dragon's Kin? Gimme a break) or Dune (*bleh* on Chapterhouse Dune) - I'd hate to see that happen to Discworld.

Truly, Alzheimer's is a sad sad way to lose a mind - to fade away, while the body remains.


Personal sn't the same as important.
        -- Terry Pratchett, "Men At Arms"

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