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Sun, 26 Aug 2007:

Ratatouille was a funny movie, no doubt. But what set the tone to the hilarity that was to ensue was the Pixar short 'Lifted'. If you've watched Taken & E.T, take five minutes off and watch it on youtube.

Exquisitely animated, with amazingly clear graphics. the movie is a masterpeice of picture perfect pixels. But the story sort of drags in the middle, after a rather interesting few minutes in the beginning. The whole premise of the movie is somehow flawed at some level, but still it is peppered with a few one liners to remember (like the "what dad doesn't know could fill a few books; And they did, which is why I read them").

Still, the voice of Anton Ego (the food critic) deserves special mention. Somehow it redeems the entire movie by giving it a villain where there really isn't one - Skinner (the short chef) just doesn't cut it. If he had to have a nickname it would be the 'Grim Eater'. Ego's final article about being a critic is a masterpeice in itself.

But this movie doesn't even compare to Monster's Inc, Finding Nemo or Toy Story and has a more forgettable Disney quality rather than pure Pixar magic. Still, there are moments to remember - though maybe not a full movie.

Being a food critic is all about dishing it out - literally

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