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Tue, 10 Jan 2006:

A couple of days back, I had posted a puzzle on my flickr.com account. It dealt with a simple capture from a video - as shown below.

What happens next ?

Since nobody could really guess what happened, I thought I'd publish the answer. Here's the video in divx with sound. Before anyone starts making fun of premshree, I'd like to say that I lost to him with him today morning - twice. He has the sort of talent which makes pool a truly spectator sport, something a straight laced player like me can't copy. He's got his heart in the right place after all.

This office gets really interesting after midnight.

It is better to be a spectacular failure than a dismal success.
          -- Venture Capitalists 101

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I had these in mind for a while now. The reason I'm publishing this today is because I realized that I don't have the self discipline to stick to them if nobody else knows.

  • Gain 5 kgs
  • Eat more than one meal per day
  • Do not stay up beyond 2 AM on weekdays
  • Cut down to 5 cups of coffee per day
  • Fight my travelphobia and travel more
  • stay away from my PC if I am not working

These are very simple things to do in reality. But look at what happened this weekend. I stayed up till 3 on saturday night hacking kio_daap, got hyper on coffee and started going crazy. My last proper meal was on sunday night, when I ate at bluesmoon's house - all I've had to eat after that are two apples and four sandwiches. Nothing I've done could be even remotely called work, all last week.

What are the odds ? What are the odds ? ...

If we truly knew what we were here for, we probably wouldn't be.

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