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Mon, 02 Jan 2006:

Actually, it happened before 2006 dawned. I was too busy to sit down and write about it. But it is official folks, the first peice of C# code has been run using the libjit x86 JIT. Here is the announcement.

If you would like to help out dotgnu - by talking about it, by testing it - any way you can, contact me (t3rmin4t0r on #dotgnu!irc.freenode.net). I really need someone who can fix up the XML parts of dotgnu. So if you want to help, be sure to talk me to me. Or talk to _Simon, he'll probably tell you what all bugs that I am slacking on.

All one has to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself.
          -- J.S Bach

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After much deliberation over What do you on New Year's Eve, finally decided to crash at spo0nman's place. The events that followed are as follows.

4:20 PM, My house: Call from sabiokap, asking me to come quickly. I head over there and find that I am needed to watch the Rajma while the other two head out to shop for meat and drinks. And of course, they both leave their laptops in my custody :)

Actually, sabiokap can cook. Unlike your truly, whose talents begin and end with making instant noodles (and coffee). My role was restricted to peeling and masala duty after the rajma was done. teemus was more of an observer, except for the garlic peeling

The food ended up being surprisingly good. Or maybe it was because I hadn't had anything to eat since friday night. But whatever, the food was simple, well cooked and I ate a lot (which is definitely the test of good food).

After the cooking was done, we settled into the main room with laptops. We got into playing music and of course it isn't a party till we play bad seventies pop. With teemus leading with Mickey and all that. Not to forget the smokes and drinks too.

Then chilled out and tried to watch a movie. It turned out to be a mushy romance - so we ended up watching Madagascar instead. Oh, and we made some awesome black coffee. I drank about a litre of coffee that night (which I regret now). I was laughing my head off listening to I want to move it, move it.

The actual new year was spent on the freezing roof (with the cold wind from the lake), watching the fireworks going off all around the city.

We had way more fun because we left all the plates unwashed till the next year (and when I left the house on sunday evening, they were still unwashed). 2006 looks quite an interesting year to me ... Full of pizza, wi-fi and friends.

Then I headed back home - only to reach home after a 3 hour walk, after getting lost in Jayanagar, going round Lal Bagh the wrong way from west gate. Anyway, the year looks quite promising - quite promising indeed.

n00b: Where do you keep your backups ?
h4x0r: Oh, in my home directory on your box.

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