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Tue, 27 Sep 2005:

Ever since nb has sort of disappeared from sight (or more correctly - email and irc), we've been having problems running the dotgnu.org servers. The servers are still functional, but we have no contact point if something has to be done on those. Even the getdotgnu.com has vanished along with DoctorNick. I do have sudo access on those boxes, but I cannot remember my password (which was incidentally written on a yellow post-it on the wall at home). Thanks to ssh keys, I can still log in and watch the logs, though not much more - maybe I should look at some local root exploits ;).

Sunday afternoon we had scheduled a meeting on #dotgnu, though I was running around at toolz's along with the planet.foss.in activities. But the summary of the discussions were posted to the mailing list. Thankfully the DNS domain names are kept by FSF and don't need any handing over. And the website content is actually in Savannah CVS and mirrored in lots of places. skwashd suggested that we currently move into the phpgroupware.org box and sort of set up a collection box (or ask for sponsors) for the server.

Ever since early Jan, Rhys has been just building model planes and working full time at TrollTech instead of coding on pnet like a good boy should. My contributions of late have been patch reviews and not really coding. All in all, most of the current dev is being left to the able hands of klausT and newl. I just hope I can got LCA to meet up with rhysw, ajmitch, newl and tum to actually get somethings straight.

When you've worked for four straight years on something, you find it very hard to actually drop the project. Portable.net is still the only peice of code I've written that I'm actually proud of. I can understand how mothers must feel about their kids moving out.

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