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Wed, 12 Oct 2005:

I headed out to Cochin on saturday night to meet my parents. It was anyway a holiday for my sister till wednesday (who has told me that she keeps a keen eye on this blog), who was also there. All in all the trip was bitter sweet or in true mallu style - "too bitter to swallow and too sweet to spit".

Travelling to cochin always makes me feel happy - for many reasons. Some clever guy has once said that Happiness is not something you experience, it is something you remember. Nostalgia of those days when you could be happy if everyone just left you alone is what keeps taking me back there every once in a while.

The trip started out with a rainy saturday night in Bangalore, where the hero (as in me) started trudging up to madiwala with the one true key safely in his jeans pocket. Reached around 15 minutes earlier and spent those with pretensions of dinner. The bus was supposed to arrive at 8:45 PM, it usually shows up at 9. So there I was with mp3 player plugged in, reading Falling Sideways. The bus finally arrived around at 9:45, nearly an hour later. I ran into an old acquiantace who was the first friendly face I ever saw in hyderabad. Alosh was in the seat just behind mine - we barely talked, except about Benoy leaving Oracle Hyderabad.

Arrived on time at Cochin, having literally flown the distance between Salem and Coimbatore. Father was happy to see me, but pre-occupied with his work - he doesn't like having too many masters too much, especially when some of them are politicians. There was some puja going on, which was essentially a lot of smoke without any mirrors (at least visibly). I stayed out of the smoke cover, unlike my mother who survived the experience on an empty stomach - women are wonderful. In the midst of this, my sister nicked my two Terry Pratchetts (Equal Rites and Sourcery) for my collection back at home.

It had been two months since I had driven anything (except other people mad), but I took out the Honda Dio and cruised cochin roads. It has just stepped out of service and was smooth upto around 80 km/h. Anyway, I managed to get back to the home alive, in one peice and not a fugitive from the law. Most of monday, I spent asleep. I woke up early enough to just get dinner in before shipping back to Bangalore.

If you didn't get the moral of the story yet, let me repeat :

Happiness is not something you experience, it is something you remember.

By those standards, this was nothing to keep notes about. So just forget about, get on with life - We've got a schedule to keep.

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More python magic stuff I ran into today. It's the most convoluted use of argument names to be amazingly flexible. It's a trick on how you can just flow down your init args down a set of factories and whatever. This is how the initial code looked.

class Worker(object):
	def __init__(self, name="", key=""):
		self.name = name
		self.key = key

	def __repr__(self):
		return "working %s <%s>" % (self.name, self.key)

class Driver:
	def __init__(self, worker = Worker, **kw):
		self.worker = worker(**kw)

	def __repr__(self):
		return "drive a %s, mad" % (self.worker)
class Master:
	def __init__(self, **kw):
		self.driver = Driver(**kw)

	def __repr__(self):
		return "I pay to %s" % (self.driver)

print Master(name="Gopal", key="t3")
I get the obvious output from the program: I pay to drive a working Gopal <t3>, mad.

So far, so good. But from now on, I need to grade my workers on the basis of the hardness of their work. So in a totally different module, I start writing the following code:

class GradedWorker(Worker):
	def __init__(self, hardness="very", name="", key=""):
		self.hardness = hardness
		self.name = name
		self.key = key
	def __repr__(self):
		return "%s working %s <%s>" % (self.hardness, self.name, self.key)

print Master(worker=GradedWorker, name="Gopal", key="t3", hardness="very very")

Voila, you have Master invoking the right worker with the right args (hardness) with no change in the original codebase at all. Tell me, how many of you knew you could do something like this with python ?. Now let me explain why I ended up writing this code - or in what codebase I started writing this. I have this WSDL file full of some cool methods, but the methods are accessible only If the HTTP call contains a particular cookie. So I started looking around the internet for a solution.

Activestate aspn didn't have an answer - python lists didn't have answer, sourceforge had a pending patch - which wasn't there in the release. Finally after giving up all hope, I hit the #python irc channel in the hope of some help.

-ChanServ- [#python] Welcome to #python, a support channel for Python programmers! If you're new, please see http://twistedmatrix.com/wiki/python/WelcomeToPoundPython.

Oct 12 01:27:30 *t3rmin4t0r is banging his head on soappy all night
Oct 12 01:27:35 t3rmin4t0r anyone know of any sane python SOAP libs ?
Oct 12 01:29:20 t3rmin4t0r does anyone know of any python SOAP libs ?
Oct 12 01:29:28 t3rmin4t0r or I'm going back to doing it in javascript hell
Oct 12 01:29:58 Erwin          t3rmin4t0r: t3rmin4t0r, meet Google. Google, meet t3rmin4t0r.
Oct 12 01:30:28 t3rmin4t0r none of them support cookies in their SOAP lib
Oct 12 01:30:59 t3rmin4t0r Erwin: it's not like I don't know how to search :)
Oct 12 01:30:33 t3rmin4t0r cannot use ClientCookie or something ...
Oct 12 01:31:25 * t3rmin4t0r realizes he didn't have to come here to hear RTFM ...
Oct 12 01:31:33 * You have left channel #python ("I feel insulted and violated ....")

So here's the solution for the problem ... I couldn't sleep till I figured it out.

import sys, os, string
from SOAPpy import WSDL,HTTPTransport,Config,SOAPAddress
import ClientCookie
import urllib2

Config.cookieJar = ClientCookie.MozillaCookieJar()
# Config.cookieJar.load("cookies.txt")

class CookieTransport(HTTPTransport):
  def call(self, addr, data, namespace, soapaction = None, encoding = None,
    http_proxy = None, config = Config):

    if not isinstance(addr, SOAPAddress):
      addr = SOAPAddress(addr, config)
    cookie_cutter = ClientCookie.HTTPCookieProcessor(config.cookieJar)
    hh = ClientCookie.HTTPHandler()

    # TODO proxy support
    opener = ClientCookie.build_opener(cookie_cutter, hh)

    t = 'text/xml';
    if encoding != None:
      t += '; charset="%s"' % encoding
    opener.addheaders = [("Content-Type", t),
              ("Cookie", "Username=foobar"),
              ("SOAPAction" , "%s" % (soapaction))]
    response = opener.open(addr.proto + "://" + addr.host + addr.path, data)
    data = response.read()

    # get the new namespace
    if namespace is None:
      new_ns = None
      new_ns = self.getNS(namespace, data)

    print '\n' * 4 , '-'*50
    # return response payload
    return data, new_ns

# From xmethods.net

wsdlURL = "http://www.doughughes.net/WebServices/fortune/fortune.cfc?wsdl"

proxy = WSDL.Proxy(wsdlURL, transport = CookieTransport)

print proxy.getFortune()

Sometimes, people just piss me off... But hopefully this should help someone somewhere use SOAPpy with cookie support.

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