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Fri, 25 Nov 2005:

I was watching South Park : Bigger, longer and uncut sometime a couple of days (yeah, my memory is a little hazy). I ran into this little prank in the credits.

And to think the movie was released in 1999, when there was no war for Freedom in Iraq, 911 was yet to happen. And Saddam was just another of the world's tyrannical dictators of oil rich nations.

Mistakes like that are the signature of creators.
Do no confuse them with errors of mortal men.

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Imagine that you arrive home at around 11 PM, feeling tired. Not just tired - you have a cold and slightly wet from walking in the rain. The path between you and your bed is clear of all obstacles. You basically fall in, slightly wondering what that pleasant smell is. A thought in your head says, at least it's not a bad smell. And you fall asleep.

At around 11:30 AM the next day, you wake up. Your eyes feel as if they have itched all your life. Your throat feels as though you had been drinking cheap arrack all night long, sort of a vapour trail coming back out and you can't go near open flames. To match, your head feels like it is suspended a few inches above your neck and not necessarily connected. I tried to stand up, but didn't get quite vertical before reverting to the more stable of positions.

Nearly at 3 or 4, I managed to climb out of my blankets. And after managing to get some coffee and more importantly, fresh air to my brain things became clearer. A LOT clearer. Apparently my room-mate, before he left for chennai, had sprayed baygon or something. With windows closed and fan running full speed (well, to dry clothes) - it must've been a pretty stiff dose that I got. It must've been extra heavy because I was sleeping on the floor.

	No Dinner +
	15 hours in office +
	No sleep last night +

In short, I have to stop coming home early. On a usual day, I'd have hardly got 6 hours of bedside air in my lungs.

What kills you doesn't make you weaker

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