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Thu, 29 Dec 2005:

Was listening to Pink Floyd - Wish you were here and wondering how it applies to a programmer. Of all the things you had to give up to become good at something. The sweet innocence of childhood for the ruthless logic of professionalism. The carmaderie of friends for the competition for the top. Last night, while watching Underworld at home - I took from you, but I gave you so much . Was it a fair deal or were the scales of justice crooked ?

Running over the same old code, 
what have we found - the same old bugs?
Wish you were here ...

Maybe I don't have a reason to be happy. My cousins have fled Bangalore to Dubai and Trivandrum - I couldn't get a ticket to go to Cochin. And it doesn't help at all when people around you, harp on how they are alone.

Let me crank up the volume and forget that the world exists.

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Let me repeat, this is not a DRILL. A Mathematics professor was shot dead today at the IISc. The attack is suspected to be by terrorists armed with AK-47s. But I have my suspicions - Math teachers have a lot more enemies than just international terrorists.

Of course, it affects me directly. I was sitting in Purple Haze with Queen playing loud, when I get a call from home asking if I'm ok. And I was stupid enough to pick up the call while in a pub. Now for some awkward explanations of why I was in a pub ... tomorrow.

Btw, if you are afraid - the terrorists have already won.

Don't panic.

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