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Sun, 25 Dec 2005:

I went to a party yesterday night. I don't drink. And generally I am asked why ? - because I look like a dopehead with red blurry eyes. I don't drink, because the word Moderation does not make sense to me. If I drink, I will end up a drunk.

I came up with the quote 'Moderation knows no limits' while walking to office today. It must've been the heat or something, but I was just replaying the conversations at the yesterday's party and the part about moderation struck me. You can interpret this in any way you want. My favourite is you can always be more moderate - sort of going against the word moderation.

Paradoxical word play is often the only way to get yourself out of the cage of well defined concepts. But rarely do I have anything original.

There is nothing wrong with abstinence, in moderation.

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