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Sun, 18 Dec 2005:

In the wake of Sir Timothy Berners-Lee's new blog, I think this particular cartoon needs a re-run somewhere. Illiad is pyschic.

Bubble 2.0 - *meh*. Sleep, much needed. Shutting down...

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Been hacking APC for the 5 straight hours today. Hacked most of last night - from 10:30 till about 6 AM. Bug 5401 is going to take me with it.

I started hacking to just vent out my anger ... but right now, I'm angrier than I've been in two years. For no reason I can think of.

Maybe I should find a more sedative addiction than coffee ... EXTERMINATE!!! ANNIHILATE!!! DESTROY!!!

Human beings are merely containers for emotion.

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Oh, wait before you jump into too many conclusions - I just saw some girl on M.G Road wearing a bright neon gree tee which said I hate Pink!! in flourescent writing. Wish I had a camera with me - which brings me to the real point of the post.

From the looks if it, I probably have to get a t-shirt which clearly says I am blogging this !!. Do we have enough people to pool in for that ? ;)

Sucker !! :). That'll teach you to read my blog.

Starve a what and feed whom ?

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Really fun check-in into APC CVS - just noticed the check in comment. Proves that some people have a sense of humor, read it for yourself - pecl.cvs/4721.

I guess, now I have no excuse to slack off ?

Nature commits no errors;
right and wrong are human categories.
       -- Arrakis Lectures, Dune (Dawkins quote)

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